Kristine Baffo

Senior Project Manager

Kristine joins Inside Edge with both business and academic experience in qualitative and quantitative research. Formerly with a public policy research company, Kristine had exposure to data collection, data analysis, and decision makers in the public and private sectors.  An area of focus was coordinating business proposals and budgeting with various subcontractors for federal, state, and private contracting, providing Kristine with knowledge of cost and price analytics in the competitive government and private bidding process.

As a United States Department of Education Ronald E. McNair Scholar, Kristine was part of graduate-level research efforts that investigated and reported on political and public policy challenges.  She has presented her research at Rutgers University’s McNair research symposium as well as the University of Michigan’s Emerging Scholars program, under the political science department.

Her interaction with multiple stakeholders – both professionally and academically – on a day-to- day basis has provided her with the ability to develop strong relationships with partners with quick and efficient interaction and problem solving skills. She is very comfortable immersing herself in diverse environments which she believes leads to a well-rounded understanding of any area, and particularly healthcare.

Kristine graduated Cum Laude from Rutgers University with a degree in Political Science and an associates certificate in American Politics and Public Policy.  She is also a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honors’ society.

What does make well known mean to you?

It means making different perspectives and developments in healthcare more accessible to clients and patients.

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