Natalia Priale

Senior Project Manager

Natalia comes to Inside Edge with extensive experience working with Hispanic communities.  Her focus has been in medical marketing and she has used her skills in this area serving as International Coordinator for Montefiore Hospital, and as Managing and Creative Director for three Hispanic agencies in NYC and Washington, DC.  Her clients included health organizations, large consumer goods companies and government agencies, such as the US Department of Health.

Natalia is originally from Lima, Peru.  After graduating from college in Peru, she furthered her studies in English and Marketing at Boston University, and completed the Business Case Study Program at Harvard University.  She earned her Master of Arts in Communications from European University in Montreux, Switzerland and worked as Marketing Director for Prensa y Sociedad, a Think Tank based in Lima, before returning to New York and beginning her career in the US.

Natalia’s interest in medical marketing was sparked while working for Betances Medical Center, a small not-for-profit organization on the Lower East Side of NY, which was home to many diverse and underserved populations — Asian, Jewish, Black and Hispanic communities. She raised the profile of Betances, working at a community level with local bodegas, pharmacies, religious organizations, nail and hair salons, senior centers, schools, and others, to promote the services of the Center.

Natalia is passionate about helping to educate the Hispanic community and she is using her intimate knowledge of this market at Inside Edge to support effective research, education, and outreach.

What does “Make well known” mean to me?

It means getting to know and understand the insights of population groups to communicate with them more effectively.

14 May

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