Eric Mattessich

Associate Director

Eric brings over 5 years of healthcare market research experience to Inside Edge. He enjoys becoming immersed within a therapeutic area, having discussions with experts, and providing recommendations to clients based on the findings. He feels fulfilled in his work because he believes it helps companies make informed decisions that will lead to better patient outcomes.

In the past, Eric has had experience researching medical devices, diagnostics, surgical procedures, and novel technologies. His research has brought forward customer concerns that led to changes in product design and specifications. He currently focuses his efforts on the evaluation of novel agents in development. His work has demonstrated market potential of pharmaceuticals that have directed sales focus, justified acquisitions, and led to licensing deals.

Eric is a very seasoned moderator who has conducted over 500 face-to-face qualitative and quantitative medical product testing in-depth interviews as well as thousands of telephone interviews with HCP’s which served to evaluate improvements within the healthcare environment.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

What does “Make well known” mean to me?

It means understanding how healthcare advances can be efficiently implemented to improve patient outcomes.

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