Services & Approach

Three services. One goal: Improve your reach into underserved communities

Driving greater participation of Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, and Asian patients in clinical trials — or even specific groups within these communities, like LGBTQ+ individuals. Rethinking strategies to more effectively engage these diverse populations in conversations about — and care for — specific illnesses or diseases. Optimizing product positioning, pricing, and reimbursement to align with changes in their patient, competitor, and payer landscapes. These are some of the critical health equity challenges forward-thinking health innovators are increasingly taking on. And the ones we’re here to help solve.

Since 2004, Inside Edge Consulting Group has been building a customized suite of services to eliminate inequities in the way novel health products are evaluated, marketed, and accessed. Our teams will help you conduct more inclusive clinical studies, interact with diverse populations in culturally-resonant ways, and drive broad-based utilization through payer and provider strategies. Together, we can identify opportunities, create solutions, and implement tactics that will make your innovations well known in these underserved markets — increasing the health of all patients, and the health of your business.

Working where the need — and opportunity — is greatest.

To ensure we have the best chance of reaching underserved populations with speed and ease, we focus on communities that are at least 40% or more Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, and/or Asian and on the local medical institutions and organizations where minority patients are most likely to seek care.
Working where the need — and opportunity — is greatest.