LaToya Williams

Community Clinical Director

LaToya Williams is the Community Clinical Director at Inside Edge Consulting Group, leading a national effort to create, cultivate, and manage trusted partner relationships, aiming to improve the community’s knowledge of clinical trials and improve representation of diverse patients in research.

Williams was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at age 30. After losing several family members to cancer, through her survivorship, she found her passion by helping underserved communities of color prevent late-stage cancer diagnosis and reducing high mortality rates through education, raising awareness, people management to enhance public health accessibility and advocating for public health and policy equities. Williams spearheaded the expansion of a national Health Equity Ambassador program, including developing the cancer and clinical trial curriculum and training over 250+ community ambassadors in 2023, in cities with the highest cancer burdens.

An experienced speaker who has been featured in local and national media, including highly publicized speaking engagements such as CBS World News; addressing the United Nations during the Non-Governmental Organization Briefing on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases;  highlighted as a local cancer survivor making a difference during the nationwide Stand-Up-To Cancer telecast, as well as on the BET News Special: I Survive and facilitated major organizational events.  In addition, she was a featured survivor in SELF magazine and in a national Lady Foot Locker campaign.

A native of Brooklyn, NY, Williams enjoys playing tennis, cycling, dancing, watching the Food Network and cooking. A graduate of Grambling State University with a bachelors degree in psychology, she went on to earn an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

What does “Make well known” mean to me?

Make Well Known means to me that advancing health equity should be the lens we look through in all that we do to Make Well Known.  Health equity is not a program, it requires ambitious and targeted approaches to be sure everyone has a fair and just opportunity to stay as healthy as possible.