The importance of Mock P&Ts

Inside Edge Consulting, Princeton

March 26, 2015

When a drug comes to market it is important to anticipate how it will be received by P&T committees. Without coverage, a drug cannot obtain market uptake and brand success.
As a part of our work over the last 5 years, Inside Edge (IE) has worked extensively in the managed markets arena. This has enabled us to develop a technique that assists in obtaining insights into the P&T drug review and decision making process.

Through our Mock P&T methodology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers interact with managed markets stakeholders. Client company representatives from various functional areas such as payer marketing, brand, medical, HEOR, sales and account management work together with managed markets decision makers to address key issues related to the effectiveness and likely outcomes of P&T presentations. The Workshops constructed as component of this methodology allows for internal team building and alignment, along with the payer feedback required to optimize strategy.

Specifically, conducting a Mock P&T allows participating pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to understand the gaps in their marketing messages, contracting strategies, and other payer tactics. The perspectives offered by the managed markets stakeholders help client companies to understand how payers will react to a new market entrant, what can be done to improve the way in which the asset is presented, and ultimately improve their potential market position.

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Tyler Dunn
Senior Project Manager

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