Press Release

Inside Edge Consulting Launches a New Blog to Make Well Known Opportunities

November 29, 2014

We at Inside Edge are excited to announce the launch of our company blog. We see this as an important complement to our other communications efforts and will seek to use this blog to shed light on the unique work we do as well as discuss key topics of interest to our clients and the patients they serve.

We also see this blog as demonstrative of our company culture, which seeks to embrace digital solutions where they make sense. We recognize that technology and digital interactions are increasingly important in patients’ lives. Just think about how many times the average American taps on a smart phone during the course of a day. At Inside Edge, we are committed to integrating digital not only into our communications efforts, but also directly into the solutions we bring to clients and patients.

A perfect example of this can be found in the IMPACT campaign, which we have worked on with one of our longstanding clients. The IMPACT campaign began as a research project to identify methods to help patients with hypertension better control their blood pressure. As a successful program was developed, our clients were keenly interested in ways to make this program more widely accessible than the traditional model would allow. Working closely with the client, Inside Edge developed the BP IMPACT mobile application for iPhones and Android devices that harnessed the elements of the client program and translated them into a sleek and accessible 21st century solution.

We believe this kind of thinking is important as we all work to expand the horizons of modern medicine. Inside Edge president Lionel Phillips has commented, ““I am proud that the work we do with our clients has had important local impact and made a difference in patients lives, but it is so critical that we amortize the solutions that are developed and bring them to a broader group of patients in need.”

We look forward to sharing more with you all in coming weeks. Thanks for reading and stay tuned…

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