Press Release

Inside Edge Council of Strategic Health Care Advisors

Inside Edge Consulting, Princeton

March 6, 2015

Inside Edge Consulting Group (IE) is seeking leaders from the managed markets industry and trade to join our panel of advisors – The Council of Strategic Healthcare Advisors (CSHA). This Council is a group of 90+ experts who represent sectors such as: MCOs, PBMs, Hospitals, chain and independent pharmacies, GPOs, ACOs, IDNs, SNFs, wholesalers, employer groups/coalitions.

Advisors contribute through in person meetings such as Advisory Boards, in-depth telephone interviews, on-line surveys and virtual meetings. Advisors have been instrumental in supporting critical strategic and tactical decisions for brands related to such areas as: lifecycle management, drug evaluation, clinical trial design, unmet needs in therapeutic classes, contracting scenarios, product evaluation, among others.

An honorarium is paid for every project. The CSHA has experienced virtually no attrition since its inception in 2012, and we are now interested in expanding the types and numbers of experts involved. Advisors have provided very positive feedback about their experience as part of the CSHA, with comments about the benefit of connecting with others in the industry; obtaining a variety of perspectives that adds value in their own setting; and sharing experiences that help professional development.

If you would like more information about this opportunity, please contact:
We will set up a 10-minute informational call at your convenience to provide additional information and answer any questions.
IE follows all CASRO and Sunshine Act requirements.

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