Judy Greener, PhD

Managing Director

Judy’s focus on the healthcare industry came more by happenstance than by choice. Starting her career conducting social science research in the government sector, Judy moved into branding and corporate reputation market research in the business-to-business setting. Work for a pharmaceutical client whetted her interest in medication assessment, and she pursued this at a pharmaceutical manufacturer (Johnson & Johnson) as well as consulting companies specializing in healthcare. Her experience within these organizations included market research, operational management, sales, sales management, and corporate leadership.

Judy’s enthusiasm for healthcare continues at Inside Edge. Her work touches many therapeutic areas, and she is continually challenged by the range of assignments that Inside Edge tackles that require deep therapeutic and industry experience, as well as creativity, collaboration, and resourcefulness. Judy has come to understand that any limitations in successfully completing an assignment can be addressed by bringing the right talent and determination to the table, and she has found these qualities in her colleagues.

In addition to an MA in Communications from the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania, Judy’s avid interest in healthcare also extends to public health. She earned a PhD in that area from Temple University, and while there contributed to a number of publications that focus on topics such as healthcare decision making in cancer and HIV/AIDS, preventive health behaviors, and motivating patients into clinical trials. Rounding out her interest in health and wellness, Judy is also a certified personal trainer.

What does “Make well known” mean to me?

It means helping our clients progress valuable brands and interventions that translate into extraordinary care for their patients.

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