Managed Markets Research

Gain insights into actionable marketing strategies from an enthusiastic group of on-the-ground experts, quickly, simply, and cost-effectively

The everchanging healthcare environment — from increased system integration and evolving Medicare and Medicaid policies to tightening formularies and continued cost pressures — is making it ever more complicated to determine how to ensure a drug will capture share at launch and then maintain its trajectory over the long run. It’s an issue all innovators face, whether they’re focused on traditional — or traditionally underserved — markets.

That’s where Inside Edge comes in. We founded our firm in 2004 to provide a unique Managed Markets Research suite of services that would give clients faster, simpler, and more cost-effective access to high-quality insights so they could adjust marketing strategies in real-time, without breaking their budgets.

Our point of difference? Our Council of Strategic Healthcare Advisors (CSHA). More than the traditional standing panel, it’s a key part of our Trustmaker Network, and is made up of a uniquely positioned and engaged group of highly-sought-after, difficult-to-reach experts from all aspects of managed markets. They are the individuals who are making or living the changing rules our clients face — and those selected for the CSHA believe that sharing their perspectives and opinions provides an invaluable community service.

Looking to confirm market perceptions of your company or product? To optimize product positioning or contracting types? Or find a way to improve access to a drug? Are you particularly concerned about your product’s performance in any of these areas within Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, or Asian communities? The Inside Edge team can quickly design and implement in-depth interviews, online surveys, focus groups, advisory boards, expert panels, or mock P&T sessions with Healthcare Advisors Council members who are ready to dig deep into your specific challenge. Need regular, timely access to the Trustmakers on the CSHA to get top-of-mind perspectives on hot-button issues or trends? Subscribe to our Market Monitoring Service to give your team on-demand survey access. Either way, Inside Edge studies never fail to deliver the “aha” moments that drive truly actionable recommendations — and our customized reporting formats, from executive reports to interactive dashboards, ensure you’ll be able to get the latest word out to all your key stakeholders with ease and speed.


Our wide range of primary and secondary research capabilities ensures we can match the right methodology with the specific questions our clients’ are looking to answer, whether they be broadly exploratory or highly targeted, maximizing each study’s benefits while minimizing its drawbacks.

  • Conference coverage reports
  • Web-based quantitative surveys
  • Snap-shot, in-depth, and deep-dive interviews (phone/video)
  • Executive Encounters and focus groups (in-person)
  • Advisory boards, roundtables, and think tanks (in-person or virtual)
  • Online market monitoring (multiple sources)