A steady stream of managed care insight

By giving teams a ready resource of enthusiastic KOLs, we helped clients deliver actionable knowledge over the course of 5 years

How can Phase II or Phase III product leaders within a therapeutic area or across an entire organization get easy access to consistently reliable managed market insights — whenever they need it? That’s what we heard clients asking. And it’s why we built a subscription service onto our Council of Strategic Healthcare Advisors (CSHA).

The clients in the program get the assurance that we’ll enhance our panel make-up so that it’s fully representative of their specific stakeholders, develop custom communications about CSHA to build awareness of the tool among potential internal users, and provide priority timing and streamlined processes across their projects. But most importantly, they know all their teams will be consistently gathering quality insights from an extraordinarily engaged, incredibly responsive group of decision-maker panelists — all of whose expertise, personalities, and specific skills are well-known by our people, and thus can be matched exactly to a client’s particular issue or preferred research methodology. Panelists in CSHA tell us they participate not just for the honoraria, but also for the opportunity to exchange perspectives and opinions with a diverse network of thought leaders — and make a contribution to the healthcare community well beyond their day job. As one Health System panelist remarked, “These are experiences that very few providers are afforded and I appreciate them greatly.”

Our clients have used CSHA to support multiple therapeutic or franchise teams and answer a wide range of questions, such as: “What factors contribute to a successful mail order business?”, “What clinical trial endpoints will be most compelling when reviewing data?”, and “Which of these value propositions most effectively position our product to managed care decision makers?”. Clients have enjoyed a range of methodologies as well, including In-Depth Interviews, Mock P&Ts, Expert Think Tanks, Ad Boards, and Thought Leader Encounters. In the words of one client, “The panel of thought leaders has and continues to provide us with immediate insights on the marketplace which impact the decisions we make, strategy development and tactical execution. Inside Edge is a true partner in every sense of the word.”

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