Looking at a launch in a market mirror

By designing a Mock P&T that truly reflects managed markets committee deliberations, we helped a client get a reliable read on plans for a new cardiovascular agent

In the highly-complex, heavily-regulated, and legally-constrained world of pharmaceuticals, how can a team get a reliable sense of how their plans for new products will fare in competitive markets—before launch? We think it’s by bringing together a broad group of experts who are truly representative of actual Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committees and running them through an evaluation that mimics as closely as possible what they would require in their own organizations. And that’s exactly what we do for clients in our Mock Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) meetings.

With participation from 13 advisors reaching across health plans, hospital systems, retail pharmacy chains, and medical universities, a recent biotechnology client said the day-and-a-half Mock P&T that we facilitated for their new cardiovascular agent was “about as close to the real-world as you can get”.

We weren’t surprised. Our team had selected from our thought leader panel the custom advisory group of individuals with expertise in the cardiovascular space, prepared briefing packages for all participants, structured the meeting agenda, facilitated the meeting’s preparatory presentations, war gaming workshops, and Mock P&T session, and created a summary report that could be shared widely throughout the client’s organization. It’s a deeply interactive process, and in a very short period of time, our client was able to confidently answer critical launch questions—and ensure that their marketing plans would deliver a preferred position within managed care and trade as their new product entered the cardiovascular market.

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